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Appeal of Tenure and Promotion Denial

Dr. Karen Strickler

June 7, 2000

Table of Contents

  I.  Introduction................... 3

II.  Basis for the appeal.... 3

III. Evidence of failure to comply with prescribed procedures and abuse of discretion..... 4

IV.  Evidence of abuse of academic rights and privileges, inappropriate considerations, and abuse of discretion: failure to uphold the right to academic freedom....... 6

V.  Evidence of abuse of academic rights and privileges: maintaining an academic climate in which women are at risk of failing, and in which affirmative action goals to employ and promote women are not adequately met.................. 10

VI.  Summary statement... 14

VII.  Notes 14

VIII. Appendices 15

1.      Time Line

2.      PSES and College of Agriculture Criteria for Granting Tenure

3.      CV

4.      Professional Portfolio

5.      Third year review, Karen Strickler, July 1, 1996, and letters from Idaho and Oregon Alfalfa Seed Commissions.

6.      Letter from Dr. Larry O’Keeffe, June 1998 for Karen Strickler's file.

7.      Mentoring Guidelines, Department of Plant, Soil and Entomological Sciences, and Memorandum: Karen Strickler’s Mentoring Committee, Aug. 1998; and subsequent e-mails.

8.      E-mails to and from Ding Johnson, Division of Entomology chair, August 3-4, 1999. 

9.      Letter of support from Department Committee.

10.  Letter of non-support from Dr.Weiss, and response from Dr. Strickler.

11.  Letters from Outside Peer Reviews.

12.  Letter of non-support from Dean Branen and response from Dr. Strickler.

13.  Letter to Provost Pitcher, Feb. 2000, and Provost Pitcher’s letter to President Hoover.

14.  Selected bibliography on gender differences in publication rates.

15.  Sonnert, Gerhard and Gerald Holton, 1995. “Who Succeeds in Science? The Gender Dimension”, Rutgers University Press, NJ. p. 152-154.

16.  Appeal to Dean Branen, May 2000, and updates of publications.

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