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VII.  Notes

1The Department of Biology apparently heard that I gave a good seminar, because they invited me to present essentially the same seminar to them on October 29, 1999.

2 Taken from Philosophy 319  Princeton


Procedural Justice

 Rules have to be followed without prejudice or bias


Substantive Justice

The rules themselves are just


Procedural justice without substantive justice

The rules are strictly followed


But they unjustly disadvantage women or some other group.

3 “…professionals in higher education do not have to do anything to discourage women since society already does so.  Failing to encourage them, however, is to discriminate without even trying.”  Forrest, Hotelling, and Kuk, 1984, The elimination of sexism in university environments, presented at the Second Annual Symposium on Student Development Through Campus Ecology, Pingree Park, Colorado.

4 An addendum: In fairness to Mr. Takasugi, I should point out that shortly before leaving UI, I asked Dr. Weiss if he had spoken early in his appointment as Dept. Chair with Mr. Takasugi .  Dr. Weiss admitted that he and Mr. Takasugi had spoken together shortly after Dr. Weiss came to UI, and before his first meeting with the faculty in Parma.  He claimed that they had spoken about the legislature's mandate for the Pollination Ecology Position, but not about me or my modeling.

Subsequent interactions with other people in other places have led me to an alternative hypothesis about how Dr. Weiss came to see modeling as detrimental to my program.  However, the point is not who influenced Dr. Weiss to think that way, but that he never approached me for an explanation.

VIII. Appendices

1.  Time Line  

Dr. Strickler hired by Division of Entomology   
Chair: Dr. Sharron Quisenberry; 
Department of PSES, Head:  Dr. Larry O’Keeffe

It should be noted that Dr. O'Keeffe characterized the job search as the most difficult of his career.  I was told that the department was split in its decision more or less evenly between me and a postdoc already working at the Parma Research and Extension Center.  There was strong support for the postdoc in the Alfalfa Seed Industry.  I would not have accepted the job if a number of people from the industry had not said to me that they would work with me if I was offered and accepted the job.  I am very grateful to the many people in the industry who interacted with me in positive ways while I was at UI, and who continue to do so.

November 1, 1993
Dr. Strickler meets with head of the Alfalfa Seed Commission,
Pat Takasugi, to discuss research and job description
May, 1995
Dr. Quisenberry leaves PSES for U. Nebraska,       
Dr. O’Keeffe becomes acting Division Chair in addition to Department Head.
August, 1995
“Stormy meeting” between Dr. O’Keeffe and Alfalfa Seed Commission
Fall, 1995
Dr. Strickler’s first signs of clinical depression                                            September, 1995
Pat Takasugi steps down as head of the Alfalfa Seed Commission 
January, 1996
Dr. Strickler seeks treatment for clinical depression (1 yr treatment)   
March, 1996
Dr. Strickler’s third year review letter.                                                     July, 1996
Parma Field Days presentation on thrips in alfalfa                                    July 10, 1997
Dr. Ding Johnson becomes Entomology Division Chair
 September, 1997
Department Mentoring Policy written
August 20, 1997
Dr. O’Keeffe steps down; Dr. Naylor becomes interim Dept.  Head  
December, 1997
Dr. Weiss becomes Department Head                                                    July 1, 1998
Dr. Weiss visits Parma to talk with faculty  
   July 24, 1998
Mentoring committee appointed for Dr. Strickler  
 August 31, 1998
Dr. Weiss’ second meeting with Dr. Strickler (Find another job)   
March, 1999
Dr. Weiss’ third meeting with Dr. Strickler (Preparation of Tenure and promotion [T & P] portfolio)
April 6, 1999
Professional Portfolio, CV, publications etc. provided for T & P Package
  July 1, 1999
Questions from Dr. Weiss concerning modeling raised by Dr. Johnson
August 2, 1999
“Counsel her out”  
 < August 10, 1999
Dr. Strickler’s Tenure and Promotion Seminar 
August 10, 1999
Memo to Dean Branen from Dr. Weiss  detailing reasons for not supporting Dr. Strickler.
 August 23, 1999
Date on 2 letters from outside reviewers  
August 23-24, 1999
Letter from T & P Committee  
September 3, 1999
Departmental vote on T & P     
September 22, 1999
Memo to Provost Pitcher from Dean Branen detailing reasons for not supporting Dr. Strickler
  December 23, 1999
First appeal to Provost Pitcher to grant another opportunity to be considered for T & P
February 9, 2000
University Promotions committee meeting                                        
 February 11-12, 2000
Visit from Provost Pitcher advising non-support 
  March 12, 2000
Letter of non support from President Hoover received
~April 21, 2000
Full appeal filed June 7, 2000

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