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Product  Information and Suppliers 
for Blue Orchard Bees, Osmia lignaria
and Hornfaced Bees, Osmia cornifrons
for Orchard Pollination

Books on Osmia management; Observation nests 
If you are a supplier of orchard bees or bee supplies, and would like to be listed on this suppliers' page, please contact me.  If you are already listed, please check to be sure that your listing is up-to-date.  We are back on-line and able to edit this website, so contact me if you need changes made to your listing. 


This list is compiled, in part, from lists created by Dr. Suzanne Batra and Dr. Phil Torchio, and is edited by Dr. Karen Strickler, Pollination Ecologist,  (contact info) Please contact Dr. Strickler to add, change, or remove items from the list.

Novice buyers of solitary bees, or those who have had trouble establishing a population, may wish to purchase bees from regions with climates comparable to where they will be released. For example, the hornfaced bee, Osmia cornifrons, may not do well in dry areas (e.g., much of Western USA) and they require protection from temperatures below 10oF during the winter (read about hornfaced bees). The blue orchard bee or orchard mason bee, Osmia lignaria, is found naturally throughout most of the United States, though populations adapted to one location may require special management to thrive in other regions. Research is beginning to clarify the extent of regional climatic adaptation of these bees, and their flexibility with regard to treatment and handling.

A variety of factors other than climate may be involved if transported bees do not survive. Bee quality may vary from year to year even from a single supplier. Suppliers may vary with regard to quality control and guarantees. Ask for information about parasite levels, winter storage conditions prior to purchase, and handling. In regions with imported red fire ants or Argentine ants, nesting materials should be protected with sticky or liquid barriers. If you follow directions for storage and handling, but have problems with your bees, contact your supplier. Most suppliers are interested to know the fate of their bees, should be able to provide advice, and can clarify instructions.

FAQ:  The bees that I purchased were lethargic when they emerged.  What was wrong?  Research provides an answer.

FAQ:  Mites are killing my Orchard Bees.  Are they the same mites that affect honey bees?  What can I do?

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Advice and Information

Dr. Suzanne Batra 
Beltsville Agricultural Research Center
Beltsville, MD 20705 
Literature, advice, may have some O. cornifrons
Chet Kendell
785 E. 3000 N.
North Ogden, UT 84414
Cherry grower who uses Blue Orchard Bees, O. lignaria.  Willing to advise other orchardists.
The Pollination Home Page
Dave and Janice Green 
P.O. Box 1200 
Hemingway, SC 29554 
Beekeepers and pollinators. 
This site contains information and numerous links relevant to bees (both honeybees and solitary bees), pollination, pollinators, etc.
Pat Porter
Texas A&M video on hornfaced bees
Extension agent in Lubbock, TX, works with honrfaced bees.
Blair Sampson
USDA-ARS Small Fruit Research Station
810 Highway 26 West
P.O. Box 287
Poplarville, Mississippi 39470
Telephone: (601) 403-8751

Researches pollination using Osmia spp.
Expertise available at the:
USDA/ARS Bee Biology & Systematics Lab
Utah State University
Logan, UT, 84322-5310 USA

Dr. Rosalind James  e-mail
(435) 797-0530
Dr. James Cane e-mail 
Dr. Terry Grisworld (Systematics) e-mail 
Dr. Theresa Pitts Singer e-mail
Dr. Vincent Tepedino e-mail 

 How to make a nesting block

How to Manage the Blue Orchard Bee, Bosch and Kemp, Sustainable Ag. Network Handbook series, Book 5.
Order Information

USDA-ARS Plant Introduction Station
Dr. Richard L. Wilson 
Craig Abel
G-204 Agronomy Hall 
Iowa State University 
Ames, IA 50011 
Use Osmia cornifrons to pollinate several crops
The Xerces Society
Matthew Shepherd
Director, Pollinator Program 
4828 SE Hawthorne Blvd 
Portland, OR 97215
503-232 6639 
Fax: 503-233 6794
Offers pollinator conservation programs  including classes, publications, and an informative web site.  Focus is on the Northwest, but questions from anyone are welcome.
The Xerces Society is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting biological diversity through the conservation of invertebrates.

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Bee and Bee Product Suppliers

Suppliers, United States and Canada

3B Sales & Service
PO Box 6054
North Logan, UT 84341
(435) 258-2009
Osmia lignaria, inspected, with parasites and nuisance pests removed. Also Osmia californica, and some nesting supplies; condos and extra guard tubes and nest tubes (straws)
Bee Busters 
George Bristol 
P.O. Box 660 
Pescadero, CA 
Raises and sells O. lignaria
Beediverse Products of CPC Ltd. http://www.beediverse.com
Margriet Dogterom, Ph.D
641 Claremont Street
Coquitlam, BC
V3J 3T5
Orchard Mason Bee (O. lignaria) cocoons and products, includling nesting materials, books, videos, and more.
Benicia Garden & Nursery
Carol de Maintenon, owner
126 East E Street
Benicia, CA 94510
Suppliers of Osmia, condos, and straws
Bob Bergeron 
Sells common reeds for bee nests
Steve Brustkern 
(425) 462-7762 
supplier of Osmia lignaria;
Pollination services for commercial fruit growers in Washington and Oregon.
Custom Paper Tubes, Inc.
P.O. Box 35140
Cleveland, OH 44135
216-362-2980 FAX
Manufacturer of Garden Pollinator, housing 55 nesting tubes and liners as well as separate nesting tubes and liners for blue orchard and hornfaced bees.


Derry's Orchard and Nursery
Derry Walsh and Bill Chase
24915 19th Avenue
Aldergrove, British Columbia, Canada  V4W 2E6
604-856-9316, phone and FAX
Recycled pop bottle condos, and bundles of straws shipped worldwide. 
Blue Orchard bees in straws shipped to south coastal B.C. only.


Evan Sugden & Kristina Williams
21323 232nd St. SE, 
Monroe, WA 98272-8982
360-863 8547
Services: pollination (honey bees and mason bees); pollination and bee rearing consultation; presentations on bees, beekeeping, and pollination (any audience); biological illustration; technical editing.
Product: mason bees (Osmia lignaria—sold by the bee in paper inserts only, quality controlled and guaranteed); mason bee blocks, paper nest inserts, pollination kits for beginners (bees, block, inserts, release box, instructions, shipping included).
Tom Farner
16021 Marsing Rd.
Caldwell, ID  83607
Nest blocks filled with Osmia
Laura Grandin
A source of O. lignaria for people in the Portland/SW Washington area.
Brad Gill 
P.O. Box 761 
Rainier, WA 98576 
360-894-3672 or 206-894-3672
Raises and sells O. lignaria;
Sells nest blocks
Cedar Moon Mason Bees
john brush
11640 SW Boones Ferry Rd
Portland, OR 97219
Osmia lignaria and Osmia cornifrons

Crown Bees
Dave Hunter 

Woodinville, WA 

Mason bees, supplies and information
Jonesville Paper Tube Corporation
540 Beck St.
P.O. Box 39
Jonesville, MI 49250
Manufacturer of paper tubes for bees
Knox Cellars
Brian Griffin 
1607 Knox Ave. 
Bellingham, WA 98225
360-733-3283 phone and FAX

Knox Cellars
Lisa Novich 
25724 NE 10th Street
Redmond, WA 98053
425-898-8802, phone
425-898-8070 FAX

For sales, orders, shipping, etc. 

O. lignaria, 3 part tubular nesting systems, nesting blocks, videos, books, newsletter. Also carry Bumble bee habitat and books, O. californica and nesting habitat, Heriades carinata bees and nesting habitat as well as habitat for aphid eating wasps and leafcutter bees.
Richard Lee
18400 N.W. 28th Ave.
Ridgefield WA. 98642 
Raises and sells Blue Orchard Bees,
60 hole nest blocks, and straws.
Midori Horticutural
Eric Mader
Bee cocoons from the midwest, for sale east of the 100th meridian: Hornfaced bees, Osmia cornifrons  and Alfalfa leafcutting bees, Megachile rotundata.

Native Bees

Kimball Clark

145 N 300 W

Kaysville, UT 84037





NativeBees.com sells innovative loose-cell access bee condos to orchards, trappers and native beekeepers.
We keep, trap and sell the following native bee species to limited regions: Osmia lignaria propinqua ("Blue Orchard Bee" or "Mason Bee"), Megachile rotundata, Megachile pugnata, and Heriades carinata. We also have populations of Isodontia elegans, a grass-carrying wasp which can minimize the effects of the Snowy Tree Cricket (Oecanthus fultoni) on grape vines and raspberry plantings. We are willing to consult and speak on the topic of native beekeeping to anyone interested.
Orchard Bees
Greg Dickman 
4391 County Rd. 35 
Auburn, IN 46706 
Osmia lignaria and cornifrons, nest tubes, brochure on rearing, video;
Large bee populations available.  Inexpensive commercial nesting systems.



Our Native Bees


McLean, Virginia

Denise Shreeve

e-mail 1 

e-mail 2 

From northern Virginia, this is one of very few suppliers who sell Osmia lignaria lignaria cocoons, the eastern subspecies.  All cocoons are inspected and sold loose, so the purchaser knows exactly what they purchased. Nesting straws and bee houses  - both new and antique - are also available. Web site is full of information and photos regarding native pollinators.


Paper Tube Manufacturers
This web site lists paper tube manufacturers. Some carry Osmia tubes in stock, others could make them on order.
Pollinator Paradise
Karen Strickler
31140 Circle Dr.
Parma, ID 83660
Very limited numbers of 2010 Orchard BeesBlue orchard bees, Osmia lignaria,, available for the 2010 season.  Bee Nests and Accessories:
for orchard bees and leafcutting bees. Also books, observation nests.  See price list.
Mark Porath 
2451 E. 3900 So. 
Salt Lake City, UT 84124 
Raises and sells O. lignaria and equipment
Raintree Nursery
391 Butts Rd. 
Morton, WA 98356
Bee blocks and bees
Ruhl Bee Supply
17845 SE 82nd Drive
Gladstone, OR 97027
Phone: (503) 657-5399,
Fax: (503) 657 -5396
A supplier of honey bees and honey beekeeping equipment, now increasing commitment to  Osmia lignaria, particularly for the Portland, OR area Cocoons in straws available for the 2010 season.

Spiral Paper Tube & Core 


5200 Industry Avenue

Pico Rivera, CA 90660

Phone: 562-801-9705

Fax: 562-801-9709


Tubes for orchard bees
Tarencotta Custom Tiles
Taren Urquart
587 East Braemar Road 
North Vancouver BC  
V7N 4C4 Canada
Phone:  (604) 786-8481
Cute bee condos with custom painted tile roofs.
Life cycle pictures and other information about mason bees on web site.
Terra Viva Organics
505-1009 Expo Boulevard
Vancouver, BC
V6Z 2V9
(Toll-free) 1-888-350-BUGS
Bee condos and straws, as well as organic seed, predatory insects & natural fertilizers.
Newsletter includes information on bees.
Territorial Seed Company
20 Palmer Avenue
P.O. Box 157
Cottage Grove, OR 97424-0061
888-657-3131 or 541-942-9881 FAX
Bee blocks and bees
Nancy A. Troup
10618 Honeyfield Road
Williamsport, MD 21795
Raises and sells Osmia cornifrons:
Please order by March 15.
Paper tubes with liners; phragamite reed bundles.
Presents talks on Osmia.
West Coast Seeds, Ltd.
Mary Ballon, President
Unit 206-8475 Ontario Street
Vancouver, British Columbia  V5X 3EB
(toll free) 1-888-804-8820
(in BC) 604-952-8820
(fax) 604-952-8828
Suppliers of bee condos and bee straws
Raymond D. Williams www.beetberry.com
PO Box 1943
Binghamton, NY 13902-1943
Has several years experience with Osmia cornifrons, O. lignaria, O. bucephala, Megachile rotundata, and other species. 
Can provide information on attracting pollen bees.
Wildhood Farm
Jasmine and Zach Cecelic
Truchas, NM
Orchard bee houses made from recycled cans with tubes, and wood houses.  Also a variety of homes for other insects and birds.
Willow Creek Apiary 
Justin Engle
Offers two styles of mason bee houses.

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Suppliers, International 

Solitary Bees and Things - Nigel Jones' web site.
http://www.insectpix.net/Solitary_Bee_ Posts.htm

How to make a bee post, plus some great photos of bees of the UK.

Pollination Services for Commercial Orchards

Beediverse Products of CPC Ltd. http://www.beediverse.com
Margriet Dogterom, Ph.D
641 Claremont Street
Coquitlam, BC
V3J 3T5
   Steve Brustkern 
   (425) 462-7762 
Evan Sugden & Kristina Williams
21323 232nd St. SE, 
Monroe, WA 98272-8982
360-863 8547
Pollinator Paradise
Karen Strickler
31140 Circle Dr.
Parma, ID 83660

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