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Spring Clipping
bulletAlfalfa clipping may coincide with first hatch of lygus bug.
bulletFirst hatch can be predicted by degree-day accumulations (Simko and Kreigh 1998).
bulletDoes timing of clipping relative to first egg hatch make a difference in reducing pest populations?
Additional considerations are that
bulletThe release of bees relative to amount of bloom may be important for pollination and seed set.
bulletClipping may force the plant to mobilize nutrient reserves for regrowth, which may mean fewer resources are available for bloom and seed set.
Simko, B. C. & D. Kreigh. 1998. Using degree day accumulations to predict Lygus hatches in alfalfa seed, pp. 7-10. In Proceedings, 57th Annual Pacific Northwest Insect Management Conference, 5-6 January 1998. Oregon State University Extension Service

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